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What People Are Saying:

"After reading almost every book ever written about the NFL, I must admit that [Monsters], without a doubt, is the best I have ever read."
— Ed Sabol, Founder of NFL Films.

“Every year brings a Super Bowl, World Series, NBA, and Stanley Cup champion. All are duly noted and celebrated. But a memorable few have greater and more lasting resonance, a standing that excellence alone cannot explain. The 1985 Chicago Bears were such a team, a mélange of talents and outsize personalities that captivated and embodied a city. Rich Cohen experienced it as an obsessed seventeen-year-old. Almost three decades on, he remains obsessed—entertainingly and insightfully so, but obsessed nonetheless. His combination of reporting and remembrance is by turns evocative, revealing, quirky, and funny as hell—or at least as funny as Gary Fencik doing the Super Bowl Shuffle.”
— Bob Costas

“For anyone from Chicago, or anyone with any sense, the ’85 Bears are the best team there ever was, and Rich Cohen has written the book we’ve always wanted. It’s got all the people you want to hear from: Ditka, McMahon, Singletary, Wilson, Fencik, and, thank God, the incomparable and too-often-forgotten Doug Plank. This book—full of soul and searching, and also knock-you-down funny—is not just a great sports book, not just a great Chicago book, but a great book, period.”
— Dave Eggers, who grew up two miles from the Bears practice facility

“Rich Cohen writes the best stuff—people, scenes, sentences, drunks, big men, fine women, jokes, impressions, secrets—in America.”
— David Lipsky, author of Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself

“The Chicago Bears are one of the most fascinating franchises and compelling stories in football. From Mr. Halas to Mr. Ditka, from the Fridge to McMahon, it’s been one of the wild rides of the NFL. Rich Cohen has captured the spirit of a team and an era, its heart and mind, its great triumphs. It’s a wonderful story filled with characters with character. It doesn’t get any better.”
— Joe Theismann, Super Bowl–winning quarterback, Washington Redskins

“Monsters is a remarkable book, beautifully written, but that’s beside the point. You think you’re going to read a football book but you wind up reading about America, about who we are—you and me—and even why. And Rich Cohen has accomplished this feat through portraits of some of the greatest characters ever to have charged onto a football field and then left it.”
— Ira Berkow, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Rich Cohen wrote it his own bleeping way and the result is a monster of a book. I’m a Packers guy, but I respect the Bears, our oldest rivals, and loved this book.”
— David Maraniss, author of When Pride Still Mattered

“The triumphant and tragic saga of the 1985 Chicago Bears and the aftermath of their historic championship season is a subject worthy of epic poetry. In Rich Cohen, the Monsters of the Midway have found their bard. Joyous yet mournful, inspirational yet irreverent, celebratory yet unsparing, Cohen’s Monsters is an Aeneid for football lovers, blowin’ our minds just like we knew it would.”
— Adam Langer, author of Crossing California, The Thieves of Manhattan, and The Salinger Contract


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